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Beardo Cuddle (Hoodie/Scarf)


• Scarf, hood and hand warmer all in one

• Can be fed down the arms of a coat to add a hood and never to be lost again glove pockets

• Made of 100% acrylic yarn for comfort


This Original Beardo design is called the 'cuddle' and it's easy to see why! The Cuddle features a warm knit hood with an attached scarf, and built-in pockets to keep your hands nice and snugly! The Cuddle can be worn in many different variations and features 2 collar-located wood buttons and loops for even more variety!


• Can be worn in many different styles
• Three Wood buttons & two loops
• Two pockets for your hands (end of scarf) 

• Designed with a deep cord knit pattern
• Very functional in cold climates 

• Snug and stylishly fit 

• Soft and never itchy or scratchy!

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